In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Deacon Blue’s third studio album, Fellow Hoodlums is to be released as a special edition yellow vinyl including the seven inch, 12-page lyric booklet from the original release package plus digital download code.

Released on 18 June, and available to pre-order now from https://Deacon.lnk.to/FellowHoodlums, the album originally reached number two in the UK charts on 15 June 1991, and continued the huge critical acclaim and chart success the band had had since the release of their 1989, top 15 debut Raintown which was followed by their 1989 number one album When The World Knows Your Name.

Fellow Hoodlums includes the top 10 hit Twist And Shout alongside other singles Your Swaying Arms, Closing Time and Cover From The Sky; it was an album that brought the band back to their Glasgow roots and allowed them to remember and rediscover their love and joy of songwriting, influenced by their combined musicianship, the album is uniquely and unmistakably Deacon Blue, as Ricky Ross explains…

“Fellow Hoodlums is the album Deacon Blue made when we really knew who we were. In retrospect, and try as we might, it was really an album quite removed from the sound of most records of that time and for that, thirty years on, we are grateful.

“It’s the sound of six people making music together, finding their way round songs and interpreting them through playing and trying not to second guess each other or the audience. All the joy we found in making ‘Raintown’ was revisited on this record and we knew that making records should be as much about joy as any other attribute.

“Glasgow is the grid on to which the stories were set. The stories are about loss, reconciliation, devotion, restlessness, longing and, of course, love. There was a deep well of sadness at the start of the writing, the opening song is a valediction for a soldier’s life, but increasingly the ‘audacity of hope’ (to borrow a famous phrase) triumphs. Isn’t that so often the way?

“I loved Fellow Hoodlums and I have loved re-listening to the newly mastered version. On it I hear my musical brothers and sister at their individual and collective best. We were close then and close some thirty years on. We hope this new vinyl cut brings you as much joy as we had making the album.”