Live At
Tokyo Shibuya Club Quattro
Our trip to Japan in 93 was a great experience if a little exhausting for us. Lorraine and I took our 9-month-old baby with us and in truth she never really got the memo about the time difference. So one of my main memories is of sitting through the night reading a book called 'Officer Pat' to a toddler who had no intention of falling asleep. The gigs came as blessed relief the following day. We had an amazing experience, were treated like royalty and played a show which was a mixture of our latest album and the songs the Japanese audience really wanted to hear! The stage was small but big enough for some congas for Dougie, just when we needed them. Enjoy ...
Set List

Your Town
Peace & Jobs & Freedom
Hang Your Head
Your Swaying Arms
The Day That Jackie Jumped The Jail
Will We Be Lovers
Last Night I Dreamed Of Henry Thomas
Spencer Tracy
When Will You...
A Brighter Star
The Very Thing
Only Tender Love
Fall So Freely Down
Bethlehem's Gate
Twist and Shout
All Over The World
Fergus Sings The Blues