Live At
Madrid Aqualung
If you ask any member of Deacon Blue about this gig, even if you should quiz some of the crew, they will tell you they remember this occasion for the soundcheck as much as the concert itself. Aqualung was a sports/leisure hall somewhere outside Madrid where, in the afternoon as we prepared for the event itself, one could enjoy the sight of local synchronised swimmers going through their moves. I'm not sure we ever felt we could be as attractive a draw, but looking at the setlist again, I think we may have put on a good show. The sad part of this story is that it would take us twenty-five years to get back to Madrid, where we had always loved playing. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Rx


*Due to a recording issue at the time there were drop outs through Peace & Jobs & Freedom and we were not able to include it in this release.
Set List

Your Town
Hang Your Head
Your Swaying Arms
The Day That Jackie Jumped The Jail
Wages Day
The Wildness
Love And Regret
When Will You.../I Wish It Would Rain
Fellow Hoodlums
The Very Thing
Only Tender Love
Fall So Freely Down
Bethlehem's Gate
Chocolate Girl/My Girl
Fergus Sings The Blues