Live At
Oxford The Apollo
In 2001 we had been back together, but not as we were. For a start, Ewen was no longer with us and the work we'd all started to do in the years between '94 and '99 had taken us in different directions. Dougie had started a successful TV job and was no longer able to make this tour. Looking back, I remembered almost nothing about it, but I notice we got to perform a song I have always loved, Woody Guthrie's Deportees. There are a few good moments here and, on a personal note, it was a thrill to play in Oxford, a city which had always been a special place to visit. Rx
Set List

This Train Will Take You Anywhere
Your Town
Circus Lights
Only Tender Love
Your Swaying Arms
Jesus Do Your Hands Still Feel The Rain?
Real Gone Kid
Wages Day
Cover From The Sky
The Wildness
Fergus Sings The Blues
Walking Back Home
When Will You
Twist & Shout
Queen Of The New Year