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Symphony Hall, Birmingham 16.12.14 We were all living in A New House on this tour. Almost half the songs in the main set are from the new albums we'd recorded over the previous two years. We also performed a rare outing of our Christmas release from the previous year. Look out too for one of my most loved acoustic adventures when we all played a Tom Waits favourite by lamplight on the encore. We had a good night; if you weren't there you can hopefully find out why. Rx
Murcia Sala Snoopy

Coming to Spain in the autumn of 1990 was a great time for us. We’d had a run of arena shows in the UK which involved a massive crew of sound and light people we no longer knew by name. The shows in Spain were just ourselves with our regular team around us. My memory… Read More

Wembley Arena, London

When we were mixing When The World Knows Your Name in January ’89 our manager told us the agent was booking shows for later that year at Wembley Arena. We couldn’t quite believe it, but over the course of 89-90 we played five shows there. On this tour, we were joined by The Kick Horns,… Read More

Glasgow Barrowlands

As we were mixing our album, When the World Knows Your Name in January 1989, our manager, Peter Felstead, said we needed to talk about the live plans. Although we’d agreed to tour the album in the spring, he told us the agent thought we should be booking some arena shows for later in the… Read More

Birmingham Powerhouse

It was around this time we were first having chart success with Real Gone Kid and even we started to believe our lives might be changed by that magical things: the hit single. So if there’s a little swagger in this performance it’s probably because we all started to get a little excited that, finally,… Read More

London, The Marquee

It was a warm July night at the end of a long tour. My memories are of getting a haircut in Soho before the show and trying to contain our own and the audiences expectations. My memory of this show is one of heat, excitement and exhaustion and there’s probably all of that in the… Read More

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