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Paris Élysée Montmartre 02.06.93 One of the reasons I remember less about shows in 1993 is the fact Lorraine and I were touring with a nine-month-old baby coming along for the ride. It was full on, but enjoyable and the show time was often the simplest two hours of the day. You will hear too that we finished with a little Kylie at the end of the show. I think she'd once picked Chocolate Girl as one of her fave songs, so we thought we'd return the compliment. The favours are over since she refused my 13-year-old son an autograph a few years back!
Madrid Aqualung

If you ask any member of Deacon Blue about this gig, even if you should quiz some of the crew, they will tell you they remember this occasion for the soundcheck as much as the concert itself. Aqualung was a sports/leisure hall somewhere outside Madrid where, in the afternoon as we prepared for the event… Read More

Tokyo Shibuya Club Quattro

Our trip to Japan in 93 was a great experience if a little exhausting for us. Lorraine and I took our 9-month-old baby with us and in truth she never really got the memo about the time difference. So one of my main memories is of sitting through the night reading a book called ‘Officer… Read More

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

In 1991 we decided we didn’t love playing Arenas. We wanted to return to theatre-type spaces and play the kind of shows we’d always done: expansive, slightly unpredictable and fairly eclectic. This was the last show of the year for that tour. As I recall it we’d always imagined it would be a proper Hogmanay… Read More

Newcastle City Hall

In 1991 we decided we wanted to play theatres again after not enjoying our Arena shows the year before. Commercially it didn’t make as much sense but, for me, it helped us rediscover something about the spontaneity of playing live we’d been missing. A happy time for the band; everyone playing well and we brought… Read More

Murcia Sala Snoopy

Coming to Spain in the autumn of 1990 was a great time for us. We’d had a run of arena shows in the UK which involved a massive crew of sound and light people we no longer knew by name. The shows in Spain were just ourselves with our regular team around us. My memory… Read More

Wembley Arena, London

When we were mixing When The World Knows Your Name in January ’89 our manager told us the agent was booking shows for later that year at Wembley Arena. We couldn’t quite believe it, but over the course of 89-90 we played five shows there. On this tour, we were joined by The Kick Horns,… Read More

Glasgow Barrowlands

As we were mixing our album, When the World Knows Your Name in January 1989, our manager, Peter Felstead, said we needed to talk about the live plans. Although we’d agreed to tour the album in the spring, he told us the agent thought we should be booking some arena shows for later in the… Read More

Birmingham Powerhouse

It was around this time we were first having chart success with Real Gone Kid and even we started to believe our lives might be changed by that magical things: the hit single. So if there’s a little swagger in this performance it’s probably because we all started to get a little excited that, finally,… Read More

London, The Marquee

It was a warm July night at the end of a long tour. My memories are of getting a haircut in Soho before the show and trying to contain our own and the audiences expectations. My memory of this show is one of heat, excitement and exhaustion and there’s probably all of that in the… Read More

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