Peace Will Come

Out now, Peace Will Come, a brand new song from Deacon Blue. Listen here.

Peace Will Come was written by Ricky as a kind of hymn for the band’s tour in 2020. The song took on more meaning once those shows happened in 2021 and 2022, with so many having lost loved ones in the intervening time.

In May 2022, Peace Will Come was performed at the band’s homecoming show in Glasgow. By then, there was war in Europe, and Ricky dedicated the song to the people of Ukraine.

In Ricky’s moving introduction that night, he told the audience, “the song is a promise of hope more than certainty, but I’m sure it’s true that Peace Will Come”. A live video of that performance is now available for the first time here.

A new recording of it is featured on Peace Will Come, a new acoustic album of the band’s favourite songs recorded in January 2023. This album serves as a bonus disc for You Can Have It All, the complete Deacon Blue albums collection.